Monday, November 8, 2010

Temporarily Permanent Juxtoposition

We live in an upstairs apartment of an old farmhouse. 

It's a family house.  Room for kids and grandkids.  Efficiently built to use every space well... None of that  huge, but mostly useless space that you see sometimes in modern homes.

Of course, on our 'almost graduate but not quite' budget, we only rent the top floor, not the whole house.  A one bedroom, charming place at the top of twenty stairs around back.

The nice gentleman who owns the place probably remembers a different view from the windows than we now have.  I mean, we have a great view, at least in quantity.  We can see a lot of things from up here...  just not an expansive field with trees and livestock and such, as I imagine once was the view.

We look out front and this is what we see:

A busy street which becomes somewhat congested most every day, around 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM with people headed to the freeway right around the corner.

Next door to one side is a monument manufacturing facility.  Yes.... monument manufacturing.  (Also known as a gravestone factory...)

They make headstones, engrave the big cement box things that caskets go in...  and also supply the area with those big rocks they use as signs in front of their businesses.

On the other side, as you can see in the first picture (kind of surrounding 3 sides, actually-) we have a huge storage unit place on both sides of the street.  Orange squares of doors all over.

Every day we see people coming and going with their precariously loaded pick ups and trailers.  Off they all go, moving truckloads of stuff from here to there. 

Then, out back again-- we see truckloads of those cement casket things and gravestones.  All for a different type of 'storage'.

They load them up out back where my boys love to yell "Hi guys!!!!"  and "TRUCK!!!"  at them over and over. (poor guys.. they probably wonder what's wrong with us.)

I don't know if anyone could live here without thinking about which kind of storage is better to work at... I mean, the material kinds of possessions, or the important things that will still matter when you're dead...

So, anyway.  That's where we live.

(I'll post some pictures of our cute little apartment too, one of these days.)

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