Monday, November 1, 2010

One Canvas

          So- just for your information, the picture I decided to use for the header of this blog is the latest version of our continually changing painting.  It's this canvas I've been carrying around with me all through college, waiting for some awesome idea of something to paint....
          We decided to paint on it with Elijah and Henry every so often. 
          Because my boys love painting and could fill up a billion canvases, papers, walls, clothes... or anything you let them paint on...
          And because I want to have a place to display their fun times and experiments with art besides on our fridge... it gets a little crowded and messy after so long. Papers full of crayon or paint rain down all over when all you wanted was to get the orange juice out of the freezer...
          Therefore, this painting has been living on our wall in its various forms, ever changing.  I thought I would start taking pictures so I can remember the changes it's gone through.
          These are just the past few-- there were many incarnations before I started taking pictures.  By the time my boys are old, the paint on this canvas will be quite thick I guess.

          So, our method is basically two boys without shirts, paint and paintbrushes all over the place (good thing we're just using a classy old card table here.) and I just have them go at it, while I throw on random whatever I feel like throwing on there too. It's a group effort. 
          Very fun and spontaneous. 
          And if you have trouble with change, this is good therapy to get used to it... There are a few versions of our little painting that I've gotten attached to before, and it's always a little hard to get it down when the boys want to paint again...
          But that's life I guess.  Any time you get used to the way things are, something happens and you're not always sure you're ready for the change.  Sometimes you just want to pack away the paints and brushes and keep things the way they are... Because things might not look as good if you change them.  It's risky. 
         But who knows what wonderful thing could be next? 

         I think we're painting again today. I'll let you know what it ends up looking like.


  1. wow. that is so cool. I want to try that. you are so artistic!

  2. how profound and insightful and awesome.

  3. I love the idea and the insight. You're such a good mommy!

  4. well, thanks guys! you should try it! it really is fun. and I figure we might as well *try* to keep the paint somewhat contained on actual surfaces meant for painting... though it doesn't always work.